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Outpatient Care

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Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy has always been a focus of our Outpatient Rehabilitation program. Physical therapy focuses on development in regard to motor skills, mobility, balance, coordination and strength and their ability to move and maintain mobility (crawling, walking, rolling over, running, standing, and sitting up).

Occupational Therapy 

Occupational Therapy addresses a person's fine motor skills, sensory processing, and strength and coordination in their upper extremities.

For example:

Fine Motor Skills: Brushing Teeth, Getting Dressed, Holding a Pencil

Sensory Processing:  Autism, Difficulty Dealing with an Environment, Inability to Tolerate Change

Strength and Coordination: Difficulty Using Utensils, Decreased Hand Strength, Low Tone

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy involves any medical condition involving eating, swallowing, and communicating. Our Speech Therapists are trained to facilitate and nurture age-appropriate therapy for patients of all ages. We specialize in Augmentative Communication which is the use of technology to facilitate a patient's ability to communicate their wants and needs through an electronic device.