Swing Beds

What is a "Swing" Bed?

Despite the image created by the name, a "swing bed" is not a hammock or a bed suspened in any way. Swing Bed care is a specialty service provideed only by select, licensed hospitals. It is used for a second level of medically-supervised care, and is specially designed to fill the gap between the paitent's hospital stay and going home. Patients may revcieve appropriate therapies, ongoing nursing care, IV medications or assistance with healing wounds. Most importantly, patients can begin to participate in their own care, and continue their recovery before ever leaving the hospital. 

Who should actively seek Swing Bed care? 

Typically Swing Bed patients may have one or more of the following reasons for requesting a Swing Bed:

  • Restorative Care
  • Undergoing acute / sub-acute rehabilitation
  • Needing additional therapies for recovery, such as physical, occupational, or speech 
  • Needs interveinous therapy and/or medications
  • Have significant discharge education needs, such as self-catheterization, management of recent ostomoy, and administration of injection medications, feed tube care, or managment of a PICC line. 

Why Choose STRHS?

We understand when it comes to healthcare, you have a choice. At STRHS, we are licensed in swing bed care and we offer the finest ammenities in a clean and professional environment. 

  • Private Rooms
  • Highly Experienced and Specialized Nursing Staff
  • Access to a Familiar Medical Staff
  • Certified Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists
  • On-Site Access to Diagnostic Testing
  • Dietary Services with Individualized Meal Planning
  • Detailed Discharge Planning for Home Transition
  • Patient and Family Participation in Patient Care and Plan of Care Decisions

You can see there is a difference. 

Admission Process for our Swing Bed Program

Referalls can be directed to our Case Manager/ Swing Bed Coordinator: Katrina at (931) 363-9331

Important Information we need for admission / registration: 

  • Insurance Information
  • Patient History
  • Current Lab Results
  • Current Clinical Progress Notes
  • Current therapy progress notes and plan of care (if applicable) 
  • Medication Record
  • Care Recommendations 

The patient must have MEDICARE or have PRIVATE INSURANCE that will cover Swing Bed services. Patient must be willing to pay for services NOT covered by reimbursement. Patients are reviewed weekly or as needed in multidisciplinary patient care confrences to evaluate progression in the plan of care. Under the attending physician's guidance, all care will be provided to meet individual patient goals. 

Swing Bed Billing

Swing Bed care is covered by Medicare, and some other health insurance policies. We will verify coverage prior to admission.