Birthing Unit

At Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, we believe that childbirth is a family experience. We make accommodations to be sure the friends and family you'd like to be there can share in the experience.

Our birthing unit provides expectant families with unique accommodations you won't find anywhere else in Southern Tennessee. With state of the art labor/delivery/recovery suites combined with beautifully decorated upscale furnishings, you and  your family will feel right at home.

Remember that labor can be very overwhelming and emotional, and to provide the safest delivery it is best to limit visitors to only those there to provide support. We ask that you choose only two individuals to be present in the actual delivery.

The Childbirth Center permits 24-hour visitation for your primary support people. All other visitors should follow the hospital visitation policy. Your new baby's siblings may visit with an adult. Anyone sick or recently exposed (within the past three weeks) to an infectious disease (such as chicken pox) should not visit the Childbirth Center.

Triage Area
There is limited space, so we ask that only one support person be by your side.

Labor and Deliver Room
No more than 3 visitors are allowed at a time. The staff may request that fewer visitors stay, depending on the conditions of your baby. Visitors also may be asked to step out if you'd like them to or to provide care.

During Delivery
One to two visitors may be present at the time of your baby's birth.

After Your Baby is Born
You will need some time to physically and emotionally recover from labor and delivery. Following your baby's birth, you will be able to be together to bond and get to know each other. Your baby will be measured and weighed all at your bedside. After your doctor completes your care following delivery and your baby has been examined and foot printed (for security purposes), your support person will be able to hold your baby. You may stay for an hour or two in the Labor and Delivery Room, your nurse will check on you during your recovery. Then you well be transferred to a Postpartum Room where your family and friends can visit with you.

Comfort and Amenities

With input from physicians and moms, like you, every aspect of our center has been designed with patients and their families in mind. From the expansive family waiting room with adjoining vending area to the comfortable suites, the space feels like being your home while having the security of knowing you are in a hospital setting. 

Personalized Labor and Delivery Options

We can help you create a birth plan you desire with expanded options for pain management including birthing balls and other physiologic techniques in addition to our epidural option. We want your birth plan to reflect your own unique style and wishes.

Comprehensive Care

Your mother-baby nurse is expertly cross-trained to understand both parent and newborn needs, so your medical care is second to none. The Birthing Center's one mother-baby  approach allows our families to spend more time together.

Better Communication

Mother-baby nursing improves the lines of communication between the family, nurses, and doctors. Your questions are answered quicker and the nurse can respond to your needs more easily.

Individualized Education

Moms get one-on-one instruction and personal assistance with taking care of the new baby- from feeding and diapering to care of the umbilical cord. As a new parent, you'll leave the Birthing Center more confident in your ability to parent during recovery.