Childbirth Centers

Southern Tennessee Regional Health System has been providing services for the unique physical, social and spiritual needs of women for over 60 years. Our Childbirth Center provides a complete program of medical, surgical and educational services to accommodate the unique needs of our patients. We take pride in providing exceptional women's care, close to home.

The STRHS Pulaski Childbirth Center has been recognized with the "Best for Babies" Award from the Tennessee Hospital Association and The Tennessee Department of Health! This award celebrates the hospital's efforts to reduce infant deaths and give babies and their famiies the best possible start. For additional information go to  

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Expecting Parents
Our Childbirth Center offers sensitive, personalized health services to each woman, baby, and father. Fathers, siblings and grandparents are invited to participate in welcoming new babies. We are ready to help you deliver the newest addition to your family.

Looking into your new baby's eyes is a moment you'll remember forever.  The bond that developes during those first few hours is precious and something new parents need to experience privately. We call this special occasion the "The Golden Hour".  Look forward to the the alone time we give you with your new baby as an opportunity to bond fully and forever with your son or daughter.

Our benefits include:

  • FREE childbirth* and breastfeeding classes
  • Breastfeeding friendly environment(our nurses are certified lactations consultants)
  • Alternative pain relief available and 24-hour anesthesia coverage
  • Family centered birthing experience
  • Skin to skin bonding
  • Delayed cord clamping
  • Safe Sleep education and demonstration for parents* 
  • Secured Childbirth Center
  • Laboring & newborn photography available
  • Wireless Internet access available to patients and visitors

The STRHS Pulaski Childbirth Center is also home to a Milk Bank Depot, one of few in the state of Tennessee.  The program is a partnership with Mother's Milk Bank of Tennessee and is designed to help nourish vulnerable newborns and pre-term babies accross Tennessee.  Go to for additional information or to apply to be a donor.

Expectant parents need not look any further for the perfect place to welcome your newest family member to the world. The Staff of the STRHS Childbirth Center are compassionate and dedicated to providing families with an exceptional birthing experience.

*FREE Childbirth Classes for 2021!  Call 931.363.9353 to register or for additional information.

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Congratulations!  STRHS Pulaski recognized as a Cribs for Kids® National Gold Certified Safe Sleep Champion!

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*What is Safe Sleep?

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the leading cause of death among infants between 1 month and 1 year of age. This is what you can do to help your baby sleep safely and to reduce your baby’s risk of SIDS.

What does an infant safe sleeping environment look like?

To create a safe sleep environment:

  • Always place a baby on his or her back to sleep, for naps and at night, to reduce the risk of SIDS.

  • Use a firm sleep surface, covered by a fitted sheet; a crib, bassinet, portable crib or play yard that conforms to the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is recommended.

  • Your baby should not sleep in an adult bed, on a couch or on a chair alone, with you, or with anyone else.

  • Keep your baby’s sleep area in the same room where you sleep (for the infants first year). Room sharing not bed sharing. Always place the baby in a safety-approved crib, bassinet, portable crib for sleep.

  • Sitting devices like bouncy seats, swings, infant carriers or strollers should not be used for routine sleep.

  • Keep soft objects such as pillows and blankets, toys and bumpers out of your baby’s sleep area.

  • Wedges and positioners should not be used.

  • Do not smoke during pregnancy or allow smoking around your baby.

  • Do not let your baby get too hot during sleep.

  • Breastfeed your baby.

  • Give your baby a dry pacifier that is not attached to a string for naps and at night to reduce the risk of SIDS after breastfeeding is established.

  • Supervised Skin to Skin is recommended to all mothers and infants immediately following birth regardless of feeding or delivery, (as soon as mother is medically stable, awake and able to respond to her newborn) and to continue for at least an hour.Once mother starts to get sleepy, return baby to bassinet.

  • Follow health care provider guidance on your baby’s vaccines and regular health checkups.

For additional information and education on safe sleep please visit: