Welcome to Genesis Detox at Pulaski. We are a medical drug and alcohol detox center located in Pulaski, TN near Nashville. If you have a drug and alcohol addiction, we can help with your detoxification and help you get back to your life.

What is Medical Detoxification?

Medical detoxification is as the name implies. It is a program that is designed to take the individual through the withdrawal process under medical supervision. There is highly trained drug detox Pulaski medical staff that takes each individual through the entire detox process, making them as comfortable as possible. Several different medications will be used as necessary to control the withdrawals as needed at our Detox Pulaski based center, through this phase of addiction recovery. These medications are used as needed and reduced as the individual reaches different levels of their detoxification at our Nashville detox program. Nobody is left unattended during this process at the Genesis Detox drug and alcohol detox programs in Taft TN. The professionals carefully monitor and address physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. By the end of the Nashville detox treatment, individuals are feeling much better overall. They are in much better health to be able to move onto the next phase of their recovery.

The Biggest Hurdle

Many addicted individuals have an intense desire to become drug and alcohol-free. Still, there is one big fear that holds them back from taking that first step. It’s the fear of the withdrawals that they will have to deal with to accomplish this. This fear is far greater than the fear of the addiction itself. But these fears can be put to rest after learning more about what Genesis Medical Drug Detox Nashville can provide.

Dealing with alcohol and drug addiction is one of the most difficult conditions an individual may have to deal with throughout their lives. Contrary to the belief of many, it is not something that you have control over. If drugs & Alcohol have taken control of you, make use of what Genesis Medical Detox Pulaski, Nashville, Taft TN has to offer. One of the many benefits of putting your addiction care into the hands of us here at Genesis Medical Detox is that we don’t assume that every addiction is the same. You are an individual; therefore, your addiction is unique to you. Even though your substance abuse may be the same as many others. Based on your needs, we develop a detox and treatment plan that will be successful for you.  You can once again have control over your life which will be drug and alcohol-free.

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