Acute Care 

Southern Tennessee Regional Health System specializes in delivering intense, active short term care to people that have been severely injured, are experiencing illness, have an urgent medical condition, or are recovering from surgery. Our team of licensed healthcare providers, highly trained clinicians and specialists are dedicated to administering high quality, individualized care to our patients. 


Physical Therapy

Within our hospital, we offer a full range of physical therapy services including: Fall Prevention, Overall Strengthening, and Mobility Improvement. Whether you are recovering from a surgery or working your way back from the flu, STRHS Pulaski has the ability to deliver individual care plans for even the most specific case.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is the process of assessing and treating a patient's ability to interact or engage in day to day activities. At STRHS Pulaski, we offer a complete assessment of an individual's ability to perform the tasks that they want and need to perform independently and safely. 

Speech Therapy 

Our staff Speech Language Pathologists are available to work with patients of all ages who have problems with swallowing, communication, and cognition/memory. We perform "modified barium swallow" tests to assess a patient's ability to safely swallow. If you or someone you love is experiencing coughing with meals, early onset dementia caused by stroke, or difficulty expressing themselves they may need to schedule an appointment with our Speech Therapists. 

Swing Bed Program 

For more information about our Acute Care please call (931) 363-9331