Women's Services

When it comes to caring for women, Southern Tennessee Regional delivers quality care in a professional, comfortable, safe and clean environment. From the amenities to the heightened emphasis on education and communication, our women's services care team has been built around the center of every family, the mother. 

Birthing Center

Our birthing center is designed to create the perfect stage for one of the most incredible days of your life. Our family-centered approach to caring for an expecting mother means the focus is on fostering the togetherness of the entire family, so you can cherish every moment. It's an entirely new philosophy that understands the birth of a baby is also the birth of the family. 

Women's Imaging 

The Women's Imaging Suite on our campus is the local leader for high resolution digital mammography, Dexa Scan ( bone density ) and breast biopsy, stereotactic and needle biopsy.  The environment around the Women's Imaging Suite is highly professional and very discrete. Our goal is to deliver expert care with the most innovative techniques while keeping the patient comfortable during the entire testing process.

To make an appointment for our Women's Imaging services, please call (931) 363-9314 or (931) 363-9365